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Google to Expand and Hire in Cambridge's Kendall Square

If you’ve ever contested a parking ticket, or even just pitched your idea for a new shed to a neighborhood association, then you know that anything can happen when it’s up to you to convince others to see things your way. Thankfully, after meeting resistance earlier this year, Google was able to assuage the fears of Cambridge’s City Council, and recently received approval for a substantial expansion of its Kendall Square campus.

Boston technology jobs recruiter discusses Google's expansion in Kendall Square, Cambridge

Google plans to add about 40,000 square feet of new space to its Cambridge location and combine the workforce of its recently acquired travel software and application company, ITA Software, with existing employees. When completed, with a total headcount of over 800, the Kendall Square campus will be Google’s 4th largest in the country.

The head of Google’s existing Cambridge office, Steve Vinter, said that the expansion is symbolic of “entering a new phase” in which the search giant will be a key player in the greater Boston area tech industry. The expansion is designed to accommodate current needs as well as anticipated future hiring, proving again Google’s commitment to the Boston region.

Cambridge’s City Council was initially concerned about the part of the expansion that calls for building of glass passageway over 20,000 square feet of a decades-old rooftop garden. Google’s landlord, Boston Properties, quelled their concerns by committing to put aside additional space towards a replacement park.

Boston technology jobs recruiter discusses Google's expansion in Kendall Square, CambridgeAlready, this spring was poised to be an exciting one for Boston-area technology professionals—especially job seekers. Microsoft plans to move employees from its Waltham office into Kendall Square. Staples anticipates opening an e-commerce innovation center in the same neighborhood later this Spring.  Finally, another online giant, is also opening local offices this year.

Just one of the many great things about Boston is its ability to attract both big-name companies and brand new startups. This blend of old and new, big and small, is ideal for innovation, job seekers, and the economy of the Bay State as a whole. At this point, I would not be surprised if over the next few weeks we’re reading about another big player in the tech industry moving into the city. Thankfully we have more than enough engineers, programmers, and talented dreamers to support the expansion.

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