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Keep track of executives on the move, venture funding deals, projected tech spending, hiring and job trends, and other events impacting the Greater Boston Technology Industry. As a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management's MBA program, with over a decade of Boston Tech Industry experience, I offer a unique, insider's view of the dynamic arena.

- Courtney Homer, CEO

An Insider's Look into the Greater Boston Technology Industry

Cisco, Oracle, & Google Race to Aquire Boston-Area Tech Companies

California's Cisco Systems to acquire Boston's BNI Video - High Tech Jobs Recruiter CareerEncore discusses.Without question, Boston is a hub for technological innovation. Nearly every week there is news of some new tech start-up opening its doors in the city or bringing in millions in funding. But still, if you ask someone what the nation’s most tech-savvy region is, they just might answer Silicon Valley. Especially since we’ve already seen our first snowflakes of the season, they might even toss in “and their weather is better too.” Recently, though, the trend of California-based companies opening offices in the Boston area shows the city can hold its own.

Just days ago, Cisco Systems, headquartered in San Jose, California, announced plans to acquire Boxborough, Massachusetts-based BNI Video for $99 Million. This will be Cisco’s 16th Boston-area purchase. Cisco believes BNI Video will substantially improve its “Videoscape” service, which is designed to assist content providers in delivering “high-quality video over web-connected devices.”California's Cisco Systems to acquire Boston's BNI Video - High Tech Jobs Recruiter CareerEncore discusses.

Employing just over 70, BNI represents a modest addition to Cisco’s 2,000- strong Massachusetts workforce.  Cisco picked up 1,000 employees* in 2009, with its purchase of Tewksbury-based Starent Networks, and then another 20 in 2010 when it purchased Danvers-based LineSide Technologies. Cisco has also invested funds directly in the Bay State. Earlier this month, the company provided $2.5 million towards the creation of Holyoke, Massachusetts’ high-performance data center.

Oracle is another California-based company making moves in the Boston-area. Mid-month, the company announced plans to purchase Cambridge-based analytics company Endeca. Back in 2010, Oracle purchased Waltham-based pharmaceuticals data management company Phase Forward for $685 million.

Boston high tech recruiter discusses Cisco acquisition of BNI video.While Google--yet another California-based company--has been very active in buying up promising Massachusetts tech companies in recent years, its acquisition of ITA Software in 2010 received particular attention. With the signing of a $700 million check to the Cambridge-based company, Google began to test the waters of the online travel industry.

Each time a large tech company like Cisco, Oracle, or Google decides to strengthen its Boston-area presence, it reaffirms that the city is home to some of the world’s most talented software programmers, engineers, and all-around innovators. Of course, the free flow of information, funding, and ideas throughout the nation is what makes this country great, all the way from San Jose, California to Cambridge, Massachusetts and beyond.

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